Hanna Branco

Boston-based artist Hanna Branco holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art Education with a concentration in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art & Design. Hanna is curently pursuing a Master of Arts degree at MassArt. Hanna works in a variety of visual art forms including traditional and digital illustration, pyrography, and printmaking. Their areas of interest include children’s books, educational materials, nature, editorial, character design, and tattoo design. Hanna is a highly motivated artist with a strong work ethic and commitment to creating high quality works to meet the needs of the client or organization being represented. 

Hanna is a student-centered, collaborative, growth-minded educator who enjoys working with students of all ages and helping them reach their full potential while fostering a life-long love of learning. Hanna believes that it is important to demonstrate an equity mindset and establish culturally responsive classrooms where we recognize and respond to student identity, individuality, and voice, in an effort to ensure that we have established an environment that is focused on intentionally meeting the individual social, emotional, and academic needs of all learners. 

Art Educator & Illustrator Resumes